SS-30 Clean Agent Gas 1 lb. auto deploy

  SS30 str 155

SS30 Str 155f $325.00

SS30-90-CAG 155f  $325.00


Our most popular unit, this “Clean Agent Gas” extinguisher will cover up to a 17cf enclosed compartment.  Available with standard head as shown or 90 deg. head configuration.

  • Stainless steel container and quick release stainless steel bracket
  • Cage protected thermal head.
  • Pressure gauge and a “max” ambient temperature thermal monitor strip to document max compartment temperature.
  • Cylinder size:  @ 12″ x 2.5″
  • Please specify application when ordering, trigger temperature may be effected.
  • Available in straight head or a 90 degree configuration (as pictured)

fire fight2

SS-30R4-155   $445

Same as above but with a 4′ braided stainless hose for remote mounting of container.


SS-100 Str CAG 286 5 lb auto deploy  $490.00

SS-100-90 CAG 286 5 lb auto deploy  $490.00

A workhorse of our line, this clean agent gas unit packs the punch you need for small stand up engine rooms.   This model will do the job in many applications.    

SS-100R4 CAG -286   $570.00

This 5 pound system features a 4′ Teflon lined, braided stainless hose with a 90 degree head for remote mounting.

  • Cylinder size:  @ 17.75″ x 4.25″

SS200-1-smallSS-200-str CAG $590.00

The largest container we offer, this 10 lb. clean agent gas extinguisher leaves no doubt that you are doing what you can to protect your vessel.  Same features as the SS-100 available with straight or 90 deg. head configurations larger engine rooms can be protected.

SS-200-90 CAG $590.00

SS-200R4 CAG $670.00

with our 4′ braided stainless, Teflon lined hose for remote mounting

SS-200R46D $995

For those that feel they need just a little more, twin 10 lb. containers and 2 remote heads