<<<<<<< Please note a change in all remote systems >>>>>>>>>>

To make our systems easier to install and more reliable, we have eliminated the need to bolt together then charge our systems.  All remote systems including the on-cylinder units are all now pre-connected and charged.  All fitting epoxy thread sealed for no leaks. No need to worry about loose fittings….everything is sealed from our manufacturer.  Give us a call if you have any questions about this new and better assembly .

ss30 cag
SS30 - Fridge fire protection
SS30 -90 -CAG- Fridge fire protection

spacerSS30-CAG-155f  $325.00

SS30-90-CAG 155f  $325.00

SS30-R4-CAG 155f  $445.00

  • SS30-str-CAG-286f  $325.00

    SS30-90-CAG 286f  $325.00

    SS30-R4-CAG 286f  $445.00

(SS30-R4 is a remote head configuration.  Please specify straight or 90 degree head.)

  • 1 LB HFC227 fire extinguishant.
  • We designed this unit especially for the *Norcold refrigerator recall and is our most popular seller. It is also suitable for other small compartments where supplemental fire protection is needed.The 286 f. units are designed for the gen compartments/motor enclosed compartments.  (Note: does not come with a shut off valve as of 01/01/2018)
  • Automatic release
    • Standard 155F temperature trigger(for unvented enclosures)
    • Optional  286F temperature trigger if specified (for engine compartments)
  • Ideal for RV generator & refrigerator compartments
  • Brushed aluminum cylinder
  • Stainless Steel bracket
  • Pressure gauge
  • Thermal release guard housing bracket
  • Nitrogen propellant
  • Cylinder size: @ 12″ x 2.5″
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • Overall measurements 
    • SS30 straight head– 13 x 2.5″
    • SS30-90 deg. head– 12 x 2.5″
    • SS30 Remote– 13 x 2.5″ (less hose)


    • SS100-str- foam $450  

      SS100-90 Foam  $450

      SS100R4 Foam        $545

    • SS100R8 Foam        $625