<<<<<<<<<<< Important advancement in our systems  >>>>>>>>>>
All of our systems now including our remote models are all pre-assembled with all fittings epoxy sealed for ease of installation and a more reliable unit.  No more connecting hoses hoping there are no leaks.  If you have any questions on this improvement please give us a call..


SS100-str- foam 286         $450  

SS100 90 Foam 286        $450

SS100R4 Foam 286   $545

SS100R8 Foam 286   $625

Engine Compartment in GMC and others–  This auto deploy system is charged with 2 liters of foam and nitrogen as a propellant.  Designed specifically for the engine compartment in the vintage GMC motorhome, is also a perfect automatic fire suppression system for other smaller engine compartment vehicles to include generator compartments.  With its remote from the cylinder head and a 4′ Teflon lined braided stainless hose (for GMC Motorhome application), this system is versatile and effective.

  • “Foam” water based, no toxin, non corrosive
  • 2 Liter fire extinguishant in rechargeable D.O.T. approved cylinder.
  • Two different dispensing head configurations for ease of mounting
  • 286°F temperature-triggered automatic firing head
  • Pressure monitor gauge
  • Cylinder size: @ 17″ x 4.25″
  • 1 year warranty


SS200 str- Foam 286                       $500.00

SS200-90-FOAM 286          $500.00

SS200-R4-Foam 286       $590.00

SS200-R8-Foam 286       $670.00

SS200R46 286 – Dual head with 4 ft and 6 ft hoses Foam            $695.00

SS200R68 286 – Dual head with 6 ft and 8 ft hoses Foam            $785.00

  • Cylinder size:  @22.25″ x 5.25″
  • Remote system uses Teflon lined braided stainless steel hose
  • 3 liters high expansion air compressed foam extinguishant
  • 286°F temperature-triggered for engine compartments
  • has 2 heads (radiator lines and diesel injectors) for full coverage in side radiator pusher diesel motor homes specifically.
  • 1 year warranty