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Hand Held Systems

Addressing a fire first person is a scary and dangerous situation.  You need tools to get yourself and your loved ones out of harms way.  Fire Fight Products offers 3 very unique hand held fire supplemental fire suppression units specifically designed to give you real fire fighting capabilities in specific situations.

When you are presented with fire dangers, your first response should always be to get out of harms way.  Don’t try to be a hero, fire suppression systems first job is to give you tools to get free of fire dangers, if you have the chance to put the fire out, it’s a bonus.  You need to always be prepared and this is the goal of our hand held systems.  Many times fire start out small and if you can attend to them before they get out of hand you have a good chance to actually put it out and save yourself and your vehicle or vessel.  Place our hand held devices in areas easy to reach, have one at the door of your RV, one in easy reach of the driver and another at the kitchen in case of a grease fire, basically in places you can quickly arm yourself to fight a fire when it comes.

Please review our unique units and give us a call if you have further questions.