Why use Foam?

High Expansion Air Compressed Foam is the correct term for this state of the art fire suppressant.  Watching a news report where an aircraft lands say with its wheel gear up, the fire trucks coat the runway with foam then converge on the scene and immediately create a white “cupcake” out of the plane?  That’s Foam; this is THE new Hi Tech concept in fire suppression.  Water based, non-toxic, non-corrosive; the, in a word, safe, way to protect yourself as well as your vehicle investment from the damage due to fire and the damage from trying to put out a fire.  There are many formulations of “foam” each designed for specific fire types.  The “designer foam” we use not only provides a viscous non flammable layer to block air from the fuel but also turns hydrocarbons inert or nonflammable.  Foams mixed with denatured water is safe on all fires (A, B, C and D).  In our automotive application, our foam is the right suppressant for the right job.
Don’t use a dry chemical fire extinguisher if you can help it on your vehicle.  These dry chemical extinguishers are every-where; chances are you may even have one somewhere in your vehicle right now.  When you fight a fire with this “powder” form of extinguishers, if whatever you hit with the extinguisher is not burned beyond use by the fire, the part may still have to be replaced because of the damage due to the extinguisher powder itself!  So what good did you do to your vehicle investment if all the wiring has to be replaced because of the corrosive extinguisher powder?  The caustic material in a dry powder chemical extinguisher can damage your lungs if you inhale it, don’t be in a confined space when someone fires it off!  This is the reality of fighting fire in a vehicle, you need to protect yourself with something other than a dry chemical fire extinguisher and for open enclosures  …… Foam is the way to go.

Fire Fight Products offers a complete line of supplemental Foam automatic deploy as well as hand held units for the RV and automotive community.  Many times only available for professional, municipal and military application, the end consumer can now have access and benefit from this new hi-tech fire suppressant at a cost that will pleasantly surprise you. For use in open compartments such as motor and generator compartments as well as use in hand held extinguishers for dash, galley grease & BBQ grill fires, you now can have technology on your side. Starting at $25 for our aerosol foam hand held manual deploy container, you can safely fight fire.