What’s your boat worth? cruiser

Better yet, what’s it worth to you? 

Even better,

What is the safety of you and your loved ones worth while on board? Fire on the water is not a good thing, whether you are in port or on the water, you really should protect your investment as well as yourself more than with a minimum status!

So, whether you have a $5000 23′ cuddy cabin with an i/o, a 42′ sportfish with twin diesels worth a quarter million or maybe a vintage cruising sailboat with a 13hp one cylinder auxiliary, your vessel, no matter the size, style or value is your “yacht”. You and it should be protected from fire dangers.

To protect a vessel, prudent boat owners take certain precautions like checking bilge pumps and switches, mooring tackle and dock lines, thru-hulls, hatches and the like. A blown $1.00 fuse can sink a vessel in a bad storm as quickly as a weary captain can run aground.

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But what about fire suppression?

Many boat owners & captains think a fire suppression system is too expensive or complicated. Vessels equipped with fire measures have costly to maintain systems but in the manufacture of the vessel, the builders recognized the dangers of fire on board and included fire measures in those boats. Larger vessels have mandated fire measures, we’re talking to those of you who do not have built in fire measures, your boat is just as exposed to fire as that prepared boat. The only difference is they are prepared, you need to be prepared and this is what we can help you with. Some think fire can’t possibly happen to them, yet fires aboard vessels happen far more often than you might think. Broken fuel lines, ruptured tanks and filters, leaky valves, electrical shorts, even static or lightning can create a dangerous situation very quickly, whether you’re underway or miles away at home sleeping. Even in port, with no one on board just bobbing in the water, you need to have security from fire.
Having “fire measures” on board is only a good thing and we at Fire Fight Products, llc. want to do all we can to help protect you, your loved ones and your marine investment. Please review this site, understand more about what Fire Fight Products offer you and give us a call. You will be surprised how easy and affordable it really is to have a supplemental automatic fire suppression system on your vessel.

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